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Haven’t seen this much wind since I left Frisco!

It’s been pretty quiet from the team and I know they’re battling their way across Kansas.  Winds are much higher than they expected (30-50mph), and much higher than earlier teams encountered.  As the team moves east, they are also encountering rising temperatures with the heat wave that has hit the midwest and east coast.  This has driven the average pace down and has made the pedaling so much more difficult.  The crew last passed Time Station 29 @ Yatesville, Kansas.

Average Speed

Nutrition is important for the cyclists and they are always fueling for their next shift.  So far so good and we’ll post as soon as we get our next update.  In the meantime, if you wonder what kind of food is consumed by the team, check out this picture of one of the plates – yumm!!

Go Team RAAM Sarcoma!!


Across the Divide

From Peggy: “The team has traveled about 1000 miles so far. We did Wolf Creek Pass  to the high point in RAAM . The team used all 4 riders to get over it. We are entering into the great sand dunes national park.”

Wolf Creek Pass Road Sign

Recent update from Steve himself! “Rockin’ along heading into Kansas. 50+ mph winds on Mr Cuhara ( CO, elevation 9,800′)with a 20 mph fast descent. I was literally blown off the road( OK , very close anyway). Having a blast! So cool”

What’s special about Wolf Creek Pass, other than being the highest point of elevation for the Race Across America?  It also means the team has crossed the Continental Divide.  You’d think it was all down hill from there, right?  No such luck, but a tremendous accomplishment and milestone for Team Sarcoma and they should really start cranking up the pace once they hit the plains.  Normally the team members ride in shifts, almost always two at a time for an extended shift.  Looks like it took all four, in shortened shifts working together to get over Wolf Creek.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Steve is getting ready for his shift in the dunes.  Lots of preparation going into each shift on the bike.  They’re getting to see some amazing parts of our country!

Steve was wearing this as he road through the great sand dunes!

They’ve passed through Time Station 20, meaning the team has completed 1,131.24 miles, with 1862.21 to go!  They are rocking!  Here’s the profile for the route to Time Station 21 – more climbing, but that will end soon enough.

TS20-TS21 Profile

Time stations are flying by

From Peggy’s update this morning: “Good morning we had a good night of racing.  Star filled sky.  Very light wind, warm temp’s.  At time station 5 we will have gone 342.3 miles with only 2651.1 to go!!!!”

Team Sarcoma is now approaching Time Station 8 at Cottonwood, Arizona.  They are making great progress, steady pace with lots of climbing, wind and heat early on and then the fantastic riding last night.  They even hit the section of the route early on called the Glass Elevator.  I was told before the race that cyclists sometimes travel in excess of 70 mph down the 3,000 ft drop – scary!

Peggy is in her sleep shift as we speak after a turn at RV Navigator.  She was pumped when she called earlier, both of them having a fantastic time – mountain passes and starry nights.

An update to the numbers above: from Time Station 8; miles completed 482.71, miles to go 2,510.74.

The next Time Station is #9 in Flagstaff, Arizona.  A little bit of climbing (3,500 ft over 53 miles)to get there, but Peggy says the team is looking great!

Goodbye Oceanside!

Big pre-race meal for Steve and Team Sarcoma is ON THEIR WAY!

Click here for a video of the start!

Pre-race Update – Let’s Ride!

Race day is here!

The vibe is mellow. All 4 of our racers will go out on the parade, 7 miles including our rider that got hurt and our crew chief that has Sarcoma.  Steve’s first real race shift will not be until about 6 hours in.”  Peggy Petty

After all the preparation, organization, anticipation and about thirty other “..tions”, Team Sarcoma is ready to go!  We’re getting a look at what the course is going to be like from the solo riders, that started two days ahead of the teams.  If you haven’t seen this report on the Shawnee Trail CC Facebook page, take a quick read of what it was like for the solo’s to cross the desert yesterday in temps 112-114 degrees and fairly strong winds.

Go Get ’em Team!

Update June 15, tick… tick… tick…

From Steve: Countdown to RAAM start – less than 24 hrs. Today was pretty tame . The team practiced by rolling rider exchanges ( required during the day) stationary exchanges ( required during the night) at San Onofre State Beach (close to camp Pendleton) for both racers/crew.

Then the crew took the opportunity to have the oil changed in follow vehicles.

Peggy is now assistant to the assistant crew chief!  Ron Smith continues as the primary crew chief, Linda Metcalfe is the assistant, Peggy is the assistant to Linda.

Peggy, Linda, & Ron attended a mandatory crew meeting. Racers & crew will be  attending a RAAM meeting with rider introductions.

Team diner tonight then rest (yeah right), then wait until teams start. There are 48 teams. Our team number is 427, so we’re starting in the middle. of the teams.

Start time eta 12:30 local time.

Let the fun begin!!

Update June 14

Steve Signing In

From Peggy:  ” Today we will be have a a RAAM team meeting. Plus last minute prep stuff. Riders rest race!

All is set for Saturday’s start. The vehicles have passed inspection and all that’s left now is to find a way to relax and chill until the excitement starts!

Let’s Roll!

Vehicle Prep Day

Both the 4 person recumbent teams
( both teams are riding Bacchetta’s)

Here’s a video from an interview with three members of Team Sarcoma (including Steve) at the Oceanside Street Fair.  The person doing the interview is one of the race organizers.