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Steve and Peggy Petty are avid endurance racers and supporters of cycling in all forms.  Want some specifics?

Steve is 50 years old and is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana – and married to the love of his life, Peggy.  They now hail from Frisco, Texas.  Steve is a risk manager in the insurance industry and an avid endurance cyclist.  In his relatively short time in cycling, he has made some tremendous accomplishments, including:

  • TX Time Trial 2007, team format – 1st place
  • TX Time Trial 2008, team format – 2nd place
  • TTT 2009 solo 24hr, age grp 2nd place
  • RUSA R-12 award – 2009
  • Sebring 24hr Solo 2010 – 1st age group
  • ACP Fleche 2010

Favorite Quote: Really, I’m riding RAAM?!!!


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