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Down, out and now back in the game

So now we know why the team was quiet yesterday.  They had their hands full, not only with the weather, but with the health of one of the racers.  Chris Kaiser spent some time in the hospital ER on Wednesday, but is now back on the road.  While Chris was out, the team kept plowing towards the finish and then he was transported in the RV back to the race.

From Peggy:

6/21 @ 5:59 amIt’s been a crazy 24 hours.  One of our racers ended up in the ER, he was here for about 18 hours, very dehydrated.  That left us with just 3 racers.  The 3 remaining racers raced 2 hours on, 1 hour off ( sort of).  Steve , Dana and Alex have been racing great, Chris our dehydrated racers will rejoin the racers in the AM.”

6/21 @ 6:16 amWe just crossed the Mississippi river.   The sun is coming up , it’s going to be a great day. We have all 4 racers back to racing!!!

We gone 2076 miles we only have 917 to go!!!!!


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